“If I worked on television, I would talk about bees. They pollinate flowers that give us oxygen. And people breathe oxygen”- our young ward shares his thoughts. The discourse of these children is surprising. Usually guys at this age talk about tablets and phones. About what pleases them personally. And young fund’s wards, like little bees, dream of being useful to everyone.

Employees of the NNT @nnt_tv channel and the VATAN radio station @radiovatan helped to make a step towards the dream. They not only organized a tour of the media holding, but also gave the children the opportunity to feel like a journalist. In the production program, young presenters could talk about everything that worries. They got a sea of positive emotions! This day they will remember for a long time.

We thank the NNT channel @nnt_tv and personally the channel general director @sultan_tramov and the TV presenter @aisha_tukhaeva for participating in the “I am a guardian” program. Just as the bees carry healing, so you also benefit the wards of the “INSAN” Foundation.

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