Preparations for the annual “Meat to each needy family” campaign at the INSAN Charity Fund begin long before the celebration of Kurban Bayram.

This is one of the most difficult and responsible programs. Usually people only see how coupons are filled. But the most important part of the work remains off-screen. ⠀

Not many people know that such events require tremendous support. The action is divided into stages, and after each stage there is a responsible man.

The result of the work of the fund employees, the generosity of the donors and the responsiveness of the volunteers in the form of registered fund packages of the sacrificial meat in Kurban Bayram is in the homes of hundreds of needy families. ⠀ Each participant in the action starts the relay of good.

Hurry up to take part in the campaign “Meat to each needy family”. The number of coupons is limited! ———


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