The state of readiness in our region requires special attention to people at risk. These are single pensioners, large families, widows and single mothers. In short, all those who are already in the care of the “Insan” Charity Fund.

Joint charity events with government officials have long become a tradition. And in the current situation, this imposes additional responsibility. Indeed, the main task today is to take care of the population and prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the region.

In this regard, together with the regional coordinator of the “Healthy Future” project ⠀of the United Russia Party, a deputy of the People’s Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan Zumrud Buchaeva, we visited several families. The wards were informed about compliance with the self-isolation regime. The Fund is ready to provide any form of support.

Zumrud Kamilovna paid special attention to Yagdanov Isaak, born in 1939. An elderly man lives alone in terrible conditions, suffers from dementia. On behalf of Zumrud Buchaeva, Isaak Igayevich was examined at home by specialists of the Geriatric Center in Makhachkala. The doctors of the Center provided the necessary medical assistance.  

The work on providing assistance with essential products is carried out by the fund all week and will continue. Recall that, first of all, it is received by lonely elderly wards and families living below the poverty line.

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