You need to live nice and healthy. Do you agree? Joint events with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan have become a tradition for the Fund.

The other day, Deputy Minister Raisa Shakhsinova and the head of the medical department of the Insan Foundation, Asiyat Borisova, visited 2 families from the wards of the fund.

Dilapidated housing, sick children, lack of income, difficult family relationships - those are the kind of difficult stories. But with a happy ending.
Saida Alibekova, a nurse, but could not get a job. And Saida’s son fell from the 2nd floor, there were health complications. Raisa Narimanovna took upon herself the solution of the issue of the employment of woman. Saida will go to work, in the near future. And the boy was hospitalized.
Asiyat Magomedova has four children with various diseases. And Asiyat herself fell ill. The arrival of guests not only made it possible to replenish food supplies. The deputy minister promised to resolve the issue of treatment of children in medical institutions of the city.
We thank @minzdravrd and personally Raisa Narimanovna for the responsiveness and support of our actions.

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