The dark period ends too. Life will get better, dreams will come true. We must believe, wait and work. This happened for Madina. ⠀⠀

To close the debt in the apartment completely seemed to the widow an impossible miracle. But the guardians, seeing her efforts, decided to help. The amount that Madina was supposed to pay off for the frame was paid through the “I am a Guardian” program. And this is 538 thousand rubles. ⠀

After the sudden death of her husband, she was left alone with two children. They lived together with their mother and brother in a wooden board falling apart. Having invested her maternal capital and the deferred money from a survivor's pension in the framework, she worked day and night. She saved literally everything in order to find the coveted roof over her head. And we do not stop believing in opportunities for those who set clear goals and go towards them! ⠀

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