Be vigilant and take care of your loved ones! On the initiative of the Charity Fund "Insan", the Department of Supervision and Preventive Work of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Makhachkala Gas Service and the director of the Fund visited a number of wards of the “Insan” Foundation together.

Such a need arose after the fires that happened in the village of Novy Khushet, literally one after another. For one of the families, with your help, we raised 300 thousand rubles. Therefore, we asked the responsible departments to carry out such a raid. This turned out to be especially relevant for families with many children and lonely old people.

The guests talked about the fire safety rules, checked the gas pumps. But the main thing is that the detectors were installed free of charge, because the families were from among the needy. We, in turn, brought food sets to the wards. And we remind you that prevention is always better than dealing with the consequences.

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