Many people know @ murad.lariba Murad Aliskerov as a successful businessman and an avid book lover. And we know him as a generous benefactor. He has been friends with the foundation for a long time, and  helps wards regularly. ⠀ ⠀

But now not only Murad is our friend. The team of “LaRiba Finance” @laribafinance has joined the “I am a Guardian” program. A certain amount of money will be allocated monthly for the needs of orphans.

Today, as an inspirer, Murad met with some of the wards, took an interest in their successes at school, even debated. At the end of the meeting he presented the children with books. ⠀ ⠀

We know a good example is contagious. We hope that there will be many who follow the example of the “La Riba” company.

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