These are definitely rare shots - when everyone who works in the “Insan” Foundation gathers. Especially when you consider that this is not all. The meeting of all representative offices of the “Insan” Foundation was held in the “Russia-My History” park.

We will probably not be mistaken if we say that the “Insan” Foundation has the widest branch network in Russia. And we have already gone far beyond the borders of the republic. Muhammadrasul Ahmedov, General Director of the “Insan” Foundation, addressed the audience with welcoming words.

Thanks to the work carried out by the representative offices, charity in the region has reached a fundamentally new level. Help reaches the most remote mountainous regions. And everything rests on the shoulders of the teams of each of the branches.⁣⁣

The most enjoyable part of the event came at the end of the meeting. Because it's always nice when "thank you" is backed by something else. Therefore, the most distinguished employees received valuable gifts from the management of the fund.

More and more people are uniting around charity. And this is the biggest achievement of the “Insan” Foundation. Because by helping others, we save ourselves!⁣⁣⠀

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