The real exclamation of children was heard throughout the office.

Having gathered in the morning in the building of the Insan Charity Fund, the employees, together with the wards under the “I am a guardian” program, went on a fascinating tour. Bright sun, fresh air, wonderful nature. So the guys met the “Silk way” horse club. The children were first introduced to safety measures, and then to horses. Graceful animals did not leave indifferent anyone of present. ⠀⠀

Club employees told the young guests about the rules for keeping and feeding horses. Children were especially surprised that animals like carrots, apples, bread and even sugar. Well, after all, the most interesting thing began - horseback riding. The horses picked up to the guys were calm and quiet.

After busy hours of riding and talking with animals, the excursionists enjoyed a hearty dinner. It put a point in this amazing journey. Thanks to @ konniy_tour_05 for the exciting event. For young wards, it has become not just an interesting excursion. Children received an incredible charge and psychological support.

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