News and events

11 — 12 — 2019
The people who paid for the treatment, fulfilled their duty for zakat. So several families managed to pay for a rehabilitation treatment at the Ability Center. So we think that is not. Thank you, for fulfilling your compulsory you save lives! ⠀ ⠀
11 — 12 — 2019
Well, Ramazan still has a lot of work to do. We are sure that in this we will all help him. But most importantly, the first step towards a bright dream has been taken.
06 — 12 — 2019
New year in the new house. Sabiyat is a ward known to many. The story of her difficult life touched the hearts of our benefactors. Seeing the desire of a woman to improve the living conditions of her children, they decided to fulfill the dream of her own home
05 — 12 — 2019
He wished to remain anonymous, but within a short time solved many problems of the wards. His zakat helped cover the costs of treatment, rehabilitation, examinations, and the purchase of medicines for 13 needy families on the program “Be healthy”
03 — 12 — 2019
With the direct participation of the Fund, a center for the deaf and mute "Life without limits" @jizn_bez_ogranicheniy Center for the training of the blind "Ihsan" was launched. The Center for Rehabilitation and Treatment for butterfly children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa is preparing to launch.⠀
03 — 12 — 2019
They are called lovely: children - butterflies. But in the medical books they have written more terrible words: epidermolysis bullosa. It makes the skin of babies fragile, like a butterfly wing. Any touch hurts. ⠀
02 — 12 — 2019
At the invitation of the Deputy Management Board of Sberbank Oleg Ganeev, General Director of “Insan” Charitable Fund M. Akhmedov took part in the II Russian Islamic Economic Forum in Ufa. 
30 — 11 — 2019
You need to live nice and healthy. Do you agree? Joint events with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan have become a tradition for the Fund. The other day, Deputy Minister Raisa Shakhsinova and the head of the medical department of the Insan Foundation, Asiyat Borisova, visited 2 families from the wards of the fund.
29 — 11 — 2019
In anticipation of winter - this is an invaluable contribution. They say who soon helped, he twice helped." Thanks to the “Panda” kindergartens network @panda_detsad_ for the support provided.
25 — 11 — 2019
90 people received new clothes: warm jackets, winter shoes. The right people were provided with the right help at the right time. Thanks to our benefactors for the "warm support" at the right time!
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