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09 — 09 — 2019
Any clothes tend to wear out, especially children’s stuff. Not every parent has the opportunity to renew the child’s wardrobe every season. To such families, benefactors of the INSAN Foundation come to the aid.
09 — 09 — 2019
A year ago, he was injured in an explosion near Damascus. Doctors had to amputate the boy's leg. A few weeks later, they also decided to amputate the second leg. But having done the impossible, the boy was transported to Moscow, where they managed to fit a prosthesis and save his leg.
03 — 09 — 2019
This year, the action was held throughout Dagestan. And that’s almost 70 schools! It means that for the first time in cities, towns and villages, schoolchildren went to the line with one flower in order to transfer the saved money to help seriously ill children - the wards of the fund.
29 — 08 — 2019
At the start of a new school year, one of the benefactors - a children's clothing shop, provided support to families in need.
22 — 08 — 2019
Among the activities of the fund it is difficult to choose the most important. The result for each one is life and health of our wards. Now the fund has launched another important action “Children in lieu of flowers”. We are sure that, based on its results, we will also say that at least a dozen children with epidermolysis bullosa managed to cope with pain. ⠀
16 — 08 — 2019
The bright days of Kurban Bayram are behind. The action "Meat to each needy family " is completed. It's time to sum up. ⠀
13 — 08 — 2019
The action "Meat to each needy family" continues. ⠀ In two days, the Insan Foundation volunteers distributed 14,896 kg of meat among 1,535 poor families in Dagestan. ⠀
12 — 08 — 2019
So passed the first day of Eid al-Adha at the Insan Foundation ⠀ ⠀
11 — 08 — 2019
This is one of the most difficult and responsible programs. Usually people only see how coupons are filled. But the most important part of the work remains off-screen. ⠀
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