News and events

01 — 08 — 2019
As part of the palliative care project “Region of Care”, the Republic of Dagestan was visited by representatives of the all-Russian Popular Front and the Vera hospice charity fund
31 — 07 — 2019
Today, July 30, in the Europe ballroom was the grand closing of the charity event "Get the kids to school." The event was attended by representatives of various organizations, public and political figures of the region, including Mufti RD Akhmad Afandi Abdullaev, Minister of Labor and Social Development RD Izumrud Mugutdinova
30 — 07 — 2019
For most pupils getting ready for school turns into a real celebration. The purchase of new clothes and school supplies visibly brightens up the idea that the holidays have already ended and a difficult school year is ahead of them
27 — 07 — 2019
They allocated funds for the purchase of school supplies for children from low-income families. It should be reminded, this is an annual campaign conducted by the fund in the run-up to September 1
24 — 07 — 2019
New clothes, notebooks, pens and pencils, and even a briefcase, pencil case and much more - this is all that every schoolchild should be equipped with
18 — 07 — 2019
The INSAN Charity Fund held a contest among its wards, the main prize of which was a ticket to Hajj. It was held under the program "Spiritual and moral education" for the correct performance of prayer. To improve the skills of performing one of the pillars of Islam, every week training courses on namaz were held with the contestants of the Education Department under the Muftiat of RD
16 — 07 — 2019
We are very grateful to the staff of the Railway Hospital for the initiative. We wish each participant the success and welfare.
13 — 07 — 2019
This action takes place throughout Dagestan in all branches of the INSAN Foundation. In total, over 50 tons of foodstuffs are distributed among the wards.
12 — 07 — 2019
Sheikh Ahmad Afandi, Mufti of Dagestan, met with the winners and prize-winners of the World Games for Children who overcame cance
11 — 07 — 2019
A generous gift for the low-income family under the care of the Charity Fund “INSAN” made the project “Your housing”. It provided financial assistance to the needy.
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