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08 — 06 — 2019
Not for the first time, they cooperate with the INSAN Charity Fund and provide food assistance to low-income families in our care. So in this Ramadan, the @farsher_mk store management allocated 300 kg of meat to the needy wards of the foundation, which was distributed among them.
02 — 06 — 2019
The management of the institution, together with the staff of the INSAN Foundation, visited the low-income family and provided it with food assistance.
01 — 06 — 2019
The grand Republican Iftar will take place on May 31 at the “Naryn-Kala” stadium in Derbent.
01 — 06 — 2019
On this day, INSAN Foundation decided to rejoice its 150 watching kids by arranging a festive event for them. We would like to express special thanks for this to the Salva Banquet Hall and all benefactors who helped organize such a wonderful holiday.
31 — 05 — 2019
All our benefactors, by visiting poor families, admit that it makes them wonder what we have and how we live.
30 — 05 — 2019
By making purchases on goods with a sticker in the "Visage Hall" store, you become a participant in the charity event "Ramadan unites".
29 — 05 — 2019
The day before, several volunteer groups from Makhachkala decided to unite in order to collectively assist the ward of "INSAN" Fund. Aisha was born with cerebral palsy. The girl regularly needs to undergo rehabilitation courses. But parents do not always have opportunities for this.
29 — 05 — 2019
We are very pleased that the blessed month of Ramadan brings together more and more good people and becomes a cause of help to those in need.
27 — 05 — 2019
A group of volunteers from Makhachkala, together with the INSAN Foundation, organized a trip for the 65 students of the Special (Correctional) Boarding School IV for blind and visually impaired children to the Historical Park “Russia is my story”.
26 — 05 — 2019
Everybody who pays zakat is aware that he is doing the will of the Most High. And the poor man, receiving zakat, feels that it is a duty of fraternity and the right of the poor to receive his share from someone who is able to pay.
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