News and events

02 — 09 — 2021
We have already described the trip to the Babayurt district. A few weeks ago, a delegation of the “Insan” Foundation, headed by General Director Muhammadrasul Akhmedov, delivered oxygen concentrators there.
30 — 08 — 2021
So that modest gifts from friends are not lost in a series of major events, we saved them for later.
27 — 08 — 2021
The event brought together many friends of the “Insan” Foundation. Eminent guests made speeches and presented school kits to the main guests, future schoolchildren.
24 — 08 — 2021
As in previous years, the “Insan” Foundation has joined the federal project “Children instead of flowers”. This new form of charity was proposed in 2014 by a Moscow educator.
19 — 08 — 2021
Continuing the work to support regional medical institutions, the delegation of the "Insan" Foundation, headed by general director Mukhammadrasul Akhmedov left for Nizhny Kazanishe.
19 — 08 — 2021
We are glad that there are more and more people taking over the baton. So the CitiLab Laboratory @citilab_mahachkala has also joined the “Get the kids to school” campaign. Thank you for your initiative! ⁣⁣
16 — 08 — 2021
The situation is more difficult even than last year” - with these words the delegation of the “Insan” Foundation was greeted on the threshold of the Gunib Central Regional Hospital.
11 — 08 — 2021
The news about the coronavirus made us more and more worried. Therefore, starting last week, the “Insan” Foundation began to provide all kinds of support to doctors in remote areas of the republic
11 — 08 — 2021
The “Insan” Foundation continues to provide support to remote areas of the republic in the fight against the new coronavirus infection.
07 — 08 — 2021
Recently, in the Republic of Dagestan, there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases of a new coronavirus infection. In many regions of the republic, the need for masks, disinfectants, oxygen devices arose.
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