News and events

16 — 08 — 2021
The situation is more difficult even than last year” - with these words the delegation of the “Insan” Foundation was greeted on the threshold of the Gunib Central Regional Hospital.
11 — 08 — 2021
The “Insan” Foundation continues to provide support to remote areas of the republic in the fight against the new coronavirus infection.
11 — 08 — 2021
The news about the coronavirus made us more and more worried. Therefore, starting last week, the “Insan” Foundation began to provide all kinds of support to doctors in remote areas of the republic
07 — 08 — 2021
Recently, in the Republic of Dagestan, there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases of a new coronavirus infection. In many regions of the republic, the need for masks, disinfectants, oxygen devices arose.
04 — 08 — 2021
This event took place just on the eve of the Eid al-Adha holiday. And we decided to pay attention to it, having told separately. Because this act is actually quite revealing. 
28 — 07 — 2021
Today a meeting was held with the Minister of Labor and Social Development of the Republic of Dagestan Izumrud Mugutdinova. On the agenda was a discussion of the implementation of the "Social Contract" project.
27 — 07 — 2021
The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are not only health problems. All that happened hit low-income families the hardest.
22 — 07 — 2021
According to the intention of one of the permanent donors of the "Insan" Foundation Arslan Radzhabov @ arslan.radzhabov, the sacrificial meat was taken to a part of the orphanages in Makhachkala.
21 — 07 — 2021
Everything’s going! Yes, we would also like to be faster and better. We share your hopes for help. We understand that it is hard and difficult. We see and read your messages. And we do our best to react instantly.
20 — 07 — 2021
15 tons of meat was distributed by the “Insan” Charity Foundation on the first day of the Eid al-Adha holiday in Dagestan. This means that 2000 families throughout the republic received help. And this is just the beginning.
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