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23 — 04 — 2020
At the age of three, Safia was diagnosed with mental retardation. An important means of rehabilitation was communicating with children, and she likes to play with her younger brother. And also - individual developmental classes.
23 — 04 — 2020
Since then, the maintenance and upbringing of the child is on the fragile mother's shoulders
18 — 04 — 2020
You can’t help everyone, what indifferent say and do not help anyone. Donate at least a little, philanthropists say, and help many. Last few weeks, we have been entirely busy with food aid.
17 — 04 — 2020
Today, the first payment came to our “Insan” Foundation. A good example for everyone who is able to help Dagestan at this difficult time.
04 — 04 — 2020
They do say that any misfortune can given away by alms. Today the action "Products in every home" was held throughout Dagestan. Brief photo report on the work of the Fund's branches in cities and districts.
04 — 04 — 2020
The state of readiness in our region requires special attention to people at risk. These are single pensioners, large families, widows and single mothers. In short, all those who are already in the care of the “Insan” Charity Fund. ⠀
30 — 03 — 2020
It was last Saturday. 30 families received little support with food packs. We are glad that we managed to help certain wards before all circumstances.
04 — 03 — 2020
The woman walked into the waiting room with difficulty. Her son is 35 years old, married for the second time. She took a car on credit to him, thought she would start working.
03 — 03 — 2020
The world depends on good people. The proof is our benefactors. 10 bags of clothing were delivered to the fund’s warehouse by the “Planet of Clothing and Shoes” store.
28 — 02 — 2020
The team of “LaRiba Finance” has joined the “I am a Guardian” program. A certain amount of money will be allocated monthly for the needs of orphans.
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