News and events

30 — 03 — 2020
It was last Saturday. 30 families received little support with food packs. We are glad that we managed to help certain wards before all circumstances.
04 — 03 — 2020
The woman walked into the waiting room with difficulty. Her son is 35 years old, married for the second time. She took a car on credit to him, thought she would start working.
03 — 03 — 2020
The world depends on good people. The proof is our benefactors. 10 bags of clothing were delivered to the fund’s warehouse by the “Planet of Clothing and Shoes” store.
28 — 02 — 2020
The team of “LaRiba Finance” has joined the “I am a Guardian” program. A certain amount of money will be allocated monthly for the needs of orphans.
17 — 02 — 2020
Prevention and early diagnosis of oncological diseases: social aspect - under this name there was a forum organized by “Insan” Charity Fund together with the volunteer movement @stopcancer_snk.
15 — 02 — 2020
Every year on February 15, the whole world celebrates the victory of children over a terrible disease - malignant tumors of childhood period
13 — 02 — 2020
Universal.fighters_at invites sports lovers and all who are interested in active life to take part in the grappling championship, which will be held on February 15 and 16 in the Gazimagomed Akhmedov Sports Hall.
12 — 02 — 2020
To close the debt in the apartment completely seemed to the widow an impossible miracle. But the guardians, seeing her efforts, decided to help. The amount that Madina was supposed to pay off for the frame was paid through the “I am a Guardian” program
06 — 02 — 2020
The medical center of Uma Manapova became a benefactor of the “Insan” foundation. Now every month one of the wards under the program “I am a Guardian” can undergo a free course of wellness massage.
04 — 02 — 2020
This is what your good deeds look like. The story of the woman so moved the donors that the collection was closed in a short period of time. We collected 200,000 rubles, which is much more than the announced amount.
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