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31 — 01 — 2020
2020 for the program “I am a guardian” began with a replenishment. Another 18 benefactors joined us. Big plans ahead, lots of goals. We hope that work in the new year will bring even more success and productivity.
29 — 01 — 2020
The management of the restaurant "Bazzar" had a desire. Without hesitation, they found the opportunity to fulfill it. Now every visitor of the restaurant becomes a participant in an indefinite action. ⠀⠀⠀
29 — 01 — 2020
The benefactor asked us to help calculate the zakat properly. Then the question arose: whom exactly to give it to. Wards were not chosen by chance.
18 — 01 — 2020
Today, a number of large-scale state programs and national projects are being successfully implemented in the republic. Funds have been allocated in both the federal and republican budgets to resolve road-related issues, creating a comfortable urban environment, water supply, and the construction of educational and other social facilities.
17 — 01 — 2020
There is a wonderful program “I am a guardian” in our foundation. Its participants not only financially support the wards. They help them develop their talents.
13 — 01 — 2020
Often the assortment of “Charity boutique” is replenished with completely new clothes. Thanks to sponsors paying zakat on merchandise.
13 — 01 — 2020
On International Thanksgiving Day, the pupils of the Municipal State Educational Institution “Orphanage school” received from the sponsor 80 pairs of winter shoes and children's clothes for 8 to 16 years of age. ⠀
10 — 01 — 2020
Upon learning that the fund has a program for orphans "I am a guardian", the athlete decided to become a member of it. At the request of the young girl, the “Auto payment” service was activated.
08 — 01 — 2020
At first the announced collection did not bring an expected result. But the construction still started. Arsen Kadievich Magomedov, the head of the village, helped with the land and building materials. Then the miracles began. Because the villagers could not pass by, it was a very special case
12 — 12 — 2019
Umar Hasanov the fund’s ward on the “I am a guardian” program spoke about his dream live on the “Vatan” radio. We are sure that Umar will certainly implement it. Renat Lemarovich! Umar is an orphan, the ward of our foundation.
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