Support for religious objects

There are thousands of religious buildings and structures on the territory of Dagestan and Russia. These are mosques, and madrasahs, and cemeteries, and places for ablution, and much more, which is connected with the fulfillment of everything necessary for Islam. Religious ceremonial organizations themselves often act as an example of special activity, helping people in very difficult situations. But unfortunately they often find themselves in an even worse situation.

We must not forget what a huge role religious objects play in our lives. Every Muslim knows how important it is to have such organizations within reach. Not to mention the benefits that special objects bring to everyone who needs help.

But recent months have shown that they themselves need help. Even the largest religious organizations in our region, including ceremonial ones, find themselves in a very difficult situation.

Like any other place, ceremonial and religious objects also require attention, care and concern. And we can talk about repair work and maintenance in good condition. Not all of this is within the power of those who directly work in these places.

The fund is often approached for the opportunity to donate precisely for what is connected with worship or the performance of some ritual procedures. This is a happy fact. This means that people are aware of the degree of their responsibility for what is somehow connected with the observance of religious precepts. Seeing such a large number of applicants and knowing the problems that clergy sometimes face, the “Insan” Foundation launches a targeted donation program. The program is designed to stimulate the social responsibility of the population for the work of religious organizations. Because in this way the benefits of their activities will increase. This means that everyone who needs it will be able to receive support.

This is a very important decision. And let it become a guarantee of the transition to a new, even better level of work of religious organizations in Dagestan.

We thought for a long time what to name this project. And we decided that faith can only be strengthened by deeds. May every ruble you donate to this program turn into a great mercy.


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