"Children in lieu of flowers"

Join the charity event on September 1: give the teacher one bouquet from the whole class, and transfer the savings to support the needy children.

On September 1, on the Day of Knowledge, INSAN Charitable Foundation urges teachers, principals and parents of schoolchildren to join the action “Children in lieu of flowers”.

Offer in your classroom to start a new school year with a beautiful act. Limit your class teacher to one gift bouquet, and transfer the amount equal to the cost of other flowers to those who need help.

The teacher will accept not just one bouquet from the whole class, he will become a participant in a big deal. And children will receive an unforgettable lesson of nobility and generosity.

The idea is simple, and the benefit is huge.

With the money transferred from savings on flowers, the foundation will be able to purchase expensive drugs to treat sick children, pay for rehabilitation, and provide families in need with material and financial support.

The attention we pay to seriously ill children causes us to become merciful to our own ones.

It is important not how much we collect, but who takes part in the action. Teachers, parents and children - we ourselves create our bright future.

As a rule, we do not grow flowers in our country house or in the yard. We buy them.

The average cost of a regular bouquet ranges from 1000 to 3000 r.

And now a simple arithmetic calculation.

In 2018, Dagestan schools adopted more than 83,000 children. If we assume that half of them bring flowers to school, then about 40 million rubles will be spent to buy them.

Let's imagine that you can give only one bouquet to each teacher, and all the other bouquets that will potentially wither, we will not give. Let it be a beautiful bouquet for 1000 rubles, so we save a large amount of money. Thanks to such savings, help, and rational expenditure of funds, a huge number of seriously ill children could receive the necessary expensive treatment.

To help sick children, you need to present not a few bouquets from the class, but only one. The rest of the money you can send to help.

In 2018, 369270 rubles were collected. The funds were directed to the treatment of sick children.

Gadzhibagandov Rasul Rustamovich (hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, atypical autism) - 200 000 rubles for foot surgery and rehabilitation Alibegov Magomedragim

Abdulaevich (epilepsy) - 30 000 rubles for the treatment of a child (for the purchase of medicines)

Magomedrasul Khadzhiev (atypical autism, impairment of psycho-speech development) - 50 000 rubles for rehabilitation in the medical center "Health"

Sirazhudin Urujayev (psycho-speech development delay) - 63 000 rubles for rehabilitation in Abiliti center

Ertuganov Alim Timuravich (ureteral reflux 4 degrees, Down Syndrome) - 50 000 rubles for an operation in Moscow.

What will you choose? Flowers or children?

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"Children in lieu of flowers"
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