"Get the orphans ready to school"

Every year, before the start of a new academic trimester, the “Insan” Charitable Foundation holds the “Get the orphans ready to school” campaign. We believe that every child deserves all the best, because in time they will give to the world as much as the world has invested in it. Therefore, it is very important for every adult to give at least something to children who need outside help. After all, giving even a crumb from the last piece of bread to someone who needs it more is within the power of each of us.

Every parent knows that every year it becomes more and more difficult to get a child ready to school. School uniforms, backpacks, notebooks, children's shoes, stationery become more and more expensive every year, which hits the weakest and most vulnerable - disadvantaged children left without parental care. Therefore, we urge parents who are preparing their children for school: think about it, because even the smallest help can cause a happy smile of another, even if he is unfamiliar to you, even if he is a little “prickly”, but still charming child. After all, any of them want to look no worse than other schoolchildren on the “line” on September 1st and the entire academic year in the classroom. It is impossible that at least one of the children, regardless of his marital status or the material status of his parents, was deprived of happy impressions from the Day of Knowledge. "Closing" from the sight of the problems of our own and other people's children, depriving them of a carefree childhood, forcing them to feel humiliated in front of other children, we may be making the biggest mistake in our lives.

Therefore, at least for your own sake, I would like to urge you to be real adults, that is, to solve the problems of other people's children, following the calls of your good heart. After all, only we, all together, can help even more orphans, fill their world with a happy feeling of childhood, where they feel the support and kindness of adults. And although our help is just a drop in the ocean, each such drop will fall on the fertile ground of still open children's hearts, if it is given from the heart.

In the hadith it is said: "For the one who takes care of the orphan, Paradise will become obligatory."

The “Insan” Foundation, represented by each of its employees, is immensely grateful to everyone who has already responded and helped our orphans start the new academic year with happy smiles.

We also want to thank in advance from the bottom of our hearts those who will come to the aid of our wards.

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"Get the orphans ready to school"
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