"Products to every home"

The level of poverty is extremely high in Dagestan: the population with incomes below the subsistence level in the total population has exceeded 57% according to unofficial data, the percentage of extremely poor people is even higher, up to 70% of all inhabitants of the republic of Dagestan. This means that such people should save absolutely on everything, even on the most necessary things, including food. Since its foundation, the Charitable Fund “Insan” has helped those who are forced to limit themselves, and conducts the traditional campaign “Products to every home”. It has existed since 2011, as much as the fund itself. Since the beginning of 2015, the fund has already distributed 7,700 food packages.

For whom the action is held

Single mothers, elderly persons, large families, orphans, and disabled people can get food packs during the charity fund's campaign.

How to get help

To get help on the campaign “Products to every home”, you must contact the office of the charitable fund “Insan”, which is located in the courtyard of the Central Jum’ah Mosque, and fill out the application form. Then, the fund inspector will come to the householder, who will assess the living conditions, analyze the income and expenses and determine the exact amount of assistance in case the applicant is certainly  in need. After checking is completed, the applicant will be appointed the necessary assistance. Food packages will be brought to the house by the fund’s volunteers.

 What is included in the food packs

5 kg of flour

1 kg of sugar

1 kg of macaroni

1 litre of cooking oil

150 grams of black tea

Why the products are given out, but not the money for their purchase

There are some reasons for this. First, all products are purchased at wholesale prices for money raised by volunteers during the campaign. One food pack at the wholesale base will cost 450 rubles. To buy the same number of products for that money in the store is impossible. The second reason is that often people, having received money on their hands, use them irrationally. The fund “Insan” believes that the money collected for the purchase of products really should go for these purposes .

How we can help

A large-scale fundraising for the purchase of products for the poor is announced once a quarter. You can transfer money to the account of the fund "Insan" using the details published on the official website. The fund also accepts food products that can be brought to the main office at the Central Jum’ah Mosque. The products will be transferred to the warehouse and then delivered to the needy.

Products to every home” is a joy for wards

A food pack, from which you can cook for many days, is a real and substantial help for low-income families. The fund’s wards always accept it with joy and gratitude. And the fund's volunteers are always happy to see the bright, smiling faces of those who were managed to help.

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"Products to every home"
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