Fundraiser for Asiyat

The consequences of a terrible accident

In 2012, in a terrible accident Asiyat lost her husband, little daughter and child, just waiting for a meeting with this world. Only she and her son survived. After that day, the woman no longer shared physical and mental pain.

But you, our donors, gave her the main hope for life. Thanks to your support, Asiyat was able to get to Turkey, where she underwent 2 most difficult operations on her leg. After the accident, she could not walk. Asiyat lives with her son and elderly mother. The family did not have their own home even with her husband. They were just making plans for how they would build their house and live happily together. And today, Asiyat's only dream is to stand on her feet with full strenght.

She will face the last rehabilitation, after which she will be able to start a full life. Already, Asiyat can walk without support, but if the leg is left without the necessary therapy, all efforts will be in vain. The son of Asiyat devoted himself to the study of Islamic sciences, showed great diligence in this.

Asiyat herself also earns as hard as she can, embroidering pictures with beads. But a woman will not be able to collect almost 15,000 euros. On these blessed days, we turn to you with a request to help Asiyat Batalova again.

Who has the opportunity- to help with money, who doesn’t - to tell their friends about Asiyat's story and make a dua for her. We have been worrying about her fate together for more than two years. And we do hope that soon Asiyat will fully stand on her feet.

Charity Fund "Insan" announces an urgent fee for Batalova Asiyat in the amount of 1,307,000 rubles. Help Asiyat's dream come true! Have pity on the mother's heart. Most of all, she is afraid that her son will be left in the world all alone.

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It’s necessary: 1,307,000 ₽
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" Oh, Allah! Make us disease-free, heal us because only You give recovery. There is no more healing besides You bring upon us. Give such a healing that would eradicate the disease"

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