Fundraiser for Khabib

Cerebral palsy

Khabib is 5 years old and has cerebral palsy. During his little life, the boy went through a lot: premature birth, resuscitation, a ventilator, endless courses of treatment, operations on the legs, rehabilitation.

Parents sometimes wonder: where does the son get so much strength from?

But Khabib is a tough boy. Despite his young age, he is courageous and purposeful. And his main goal now is to start walking. Thanks to rehabilitation therapy, Khabib learned to sit and crawl on all fours. But due to the strong spasticity of the muscles, the boy achieves results very slowly.

A month ago, Khabib's parents took him to Moscow for an appointment with a neurosurgeon. The doctor determined that the boy had indications for SDR - selective dorsal rhizotomy. This is a neurosurgical operation to relieve spasticity in the muscles of the legs. The doctor is confident in its successful outcome. A timely SDR will help to avoid another complex operation - to eliminate subluxations of the hip joints.

Unfortunately, the number of quotas allocated for the operation is limited. They can wait several years for the queue, during which various contractures (joint deformities) will appear. Therefore, the parents turned to the foundation for help, hoping for the help of kind-hearted people.

Charitable Foundation "Insan" opens a fee for Khabib Abaev in the amount of 428,884 rubles.

Let's help the boy get to the surgery on time!

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" Oh, Allah! Make us disease-free, heal us because only You give recovery. There is no more healing besides You bring upon us. Give such a healing that would eradicate the disease"

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