Fundraiser for Maryam

Cerebral palsy

We hear the words “what if I’m gone” from mothers of disabled children all the time. It’s that fear that the child will be left helpless, makes each of them chew on any chance to survive.

For 8 years now, Bariyat and her husband have been literally fighting for the health of their eldest daughter. Much has passed and there is still more to come. But they believe in miracles.

The first months of her life, the baby cried incessantly from pain. Bariyat did not understand what was happening. At first it seemed that premature birth was to blame. Maryam was born at 6 months. Perhaps it was the fall of Bariyat in the stairs.

But the final diagnosis was made to the baby in Moscow. Since then, Maryam has been undergoing treatment at the clinic for one month, and the other has been at home. The family does not have their own housing. They have to rent an apartment on the 5th floor because it's cheaper that way. But lifting and lowering a girl with cerebral palsy is getting harder every day. But even this does not stop Bariyat. She is ready for anything! 

Maryamka's father has been working in a taxi since early morning. He also began to have serious health problems. But when he sees how hard it is for his daughter to undergo another rehabilitation course, he seems to come to life. But they will not be able to cope with the treatment at the “Sakura” Center. Meanwhile, it was after their procedures that Maryam began to make serious progress. This means we need to go forward. And it is possible only with our help.

Charity Fund "Insan" announces an urgent fee for Maryam Saimaeva in the amount of 466,150 rubles to undergo a rehabilitation course at the Medical Centre "Sakura" (Chelyabinsk). Let Maryam's smile become your pass to heaven.⁣⁣ 

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" Oh, Allah! Make us disease-free, heal us because only You give recovery. There is no more healing besides You bring upon us. Give such a healing that would eradicate the disease"

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