Fundraiser for Maryam

Cerebral palsy

Maryam recently turned 9 years old. But the girl does not go to school. Although there were high hopes that Maryam would catch up with her peers. But the progress for the girl's mother is so obvious that Sabina cannot get enough of it.⁣⁣

Maryam has cerebral palsy. Psychological development often suffers as well. All these years Maryam could not walk. The girl moved only by crawling. But the efforts of Sabina and the diligence of the girl herself brought tremendous results!⁣

Once upon a time, Maryam could not do anything at all. But now she has achieved good results. All this is the merit of the mother, who never for a moment gave up the dream of putting her daughter on her feet. Maryam now knows how to sit and crawl herself. She already feels the support and tries to rise without assistance. The girl understands the addressed speech and does everything that is asked. New words appeared in speech.

Sabina, the mother of the girl, repeated such “also” several times. The woman with undisguised joy told us about the results of her rehabilitation.

Maryam was operated on twice so that she could straighten her legs. And after rehabilitation in the Chelyabinsk rehabilitation center "Sakura" Maryam began to walk. If only with support - but the cherished dream is becoming more and more a reality.⁣

Despite her illness, Maryam grows up as a cheerful child. Any success in treatment is a great happiness for her.⁣⁣

Under no circumstances should she leave rehabilitation. Especially now, when Maryam has so many achievements. But Sabina is not able to pay for the expensive rehabilitation either.

“INSAN” Charitable Foundation opens a fee for Maryam Gusiyeva for rehabilitation at the “Sakura” Medical Center in the amount of 286,800 rubles.⁣

Sabina believes that one day her daughter will become an independent person. Everyone can support a family in their difficult situation.

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" Oh, Allah! Make us disease-free, heal us because only You give recovery. There is no more healing besides You bring upon us. Give such a healing that would eradicate the disease"

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