Fundraser for Suleiman

Developmental disorder with expressive speech disorder

“The only thing I pray to the Almighty is for my child to be healthy. That he was like everyone else ”- Sabina shares her experiences.

Great happiness happened in the Ulubekov family 4 years ago - their first-born Suleiman was born. A healthy, chubby kid. The boy grew up as a cheerful, sociable child. He easily made contact with strangers, his smile never left his face.
When Suleiman was one year and seven months old, he suddenly fell ill. The common cold, at first glance, became fatal. With the temperature high, Suleiman began to have febrile convulsions. The ambulance took the boy to the hospital. The attacks were stopped there.

Treatment was carried out, the baby was discharged. But Suleiman returned home as a completely different child. The boy became aggressive, stopped looking in the eyes, was very nervous and did not go into contact with anyone. The words, gestures and skills that he knew before the illness disappeared. “At first, I refused to understand that something was happening to my child. I thought he was still small, it will pass,” recalls Sabina.

But the boy's condition only worsened every day. The parents turned to specialists. Suleiman was diagnosed with Developmental Disorder with Expressive Speech Disorder. Long continuous treatment began. To pay for expensive rehabilitation courses, Suleiman's father worked day and night. Zaur is a cook by profession. The income from work was not large, but the family saved on everything. “If only it would be easier for my son,” Sabina repeated.

But then there was a quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. The man was left without a job. Sabina says: “Even during self-isolation, we continued our treatment. But one day we just ran out of all our savings. I had to go into debt. " Today, Suleiman's family is unable to provide him with the necessary treatment. The boy needs to be examined in one of the clinics in Moscow. There are no funds for this. The parents are desperate. And they really need our support.
Charity Fund "INSAN" opens a fee for Ulubekov Suleiman in the amount of 119,500 rubles. The boy is showing improvements. Parents dream for their son to return to a healthy life. Each of us can contribute to this.



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" Oh, Allah! Make us disease-free, heal us because only You give recovery. There is no more healing besides You bring upon us. Give such a healing that would eradicate the disease"

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