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Lung transplant

Trouble struck the Suleymanov family 5 years ago A diligent son, a loving husband and a caring father of three children, Kazim Suleymanov, suddenly fell ill. The examination revealed a difficult diagnosis - lung histiocytosis.

The disease is incurable. To maintain the body, the man underwent drug therapy and did not feel bad. But his condition worsened when the family faced a terrible tragedy.⁣⁣

Kazim's father and his only son were killed in a car accident. The loss of loved ones broke the man. The disease worsened, which required lung transplantation. Since last October, Kazim has been on the waiting list for organ transplantation at the N.V. Sklifosovsky Reserch Institute of Emergency Care. But the man gets worse.
In search of rescue, the family turned to a private clinic in Belarus. There they promised to help Kazim. Only this help costs 107,000 dollars. To raise a huge amount, Kazim's relatives put up their house for sale. But while no one is in a hurry to buy it ...

Meanwhile, time goes by. Waiting may cost life. He might not just go back to his daughters ... Charitable Fund “Insan” announces an urgent fee for Kazim Suleymanov. We ask all who are not indifferent to support him. Even the very least of our involvement will help bring a healthy father back to the children.⁣⁣

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" Oh, Allah! Make us disease-free, heal us because only You give recovery. There is no more healing besides You bring upon us. Give such a healing that would eradicate the disease"

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